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05/30/2023 10:54 pm

Scam site lists

As it is already clear from the name of the page, these lists contain sites whose purpose is to scam and deceive their visitors. You can check the availability of the site in all the lists by using the search form below. Also, you can try to find the site manually, in any of the lists that are located immediately below the search form.

About the project

The project was born on June 20, 2013. Then, on the website kurses, the corresponding section was launched. From that moment to the present day, the section has evolved. The number of sites in the database increased. A widget was created (September 15, 2013) for all popular browsers. All this led to the fact that the section grew to the size of the site, therefore, on October 02, 2020, the current site was launched, which includes everything that was contained in the section of the same name.

Project goals