Sites in the database
Adding to the database
03/24/2023 03:36 pm

Form for adding a site to the blacklist

Before you send a request to check the site, make sure that it is not already in our database. To do this, go to the home page and enter the site domain in the search form.

Adding to the database occurs only after a request has been generated by filling out and sending the form on this page.

The process of adding occurs in manual mode, therefore, from the moment the request is sent, and until the moment the site is added to the database, it may take some time (sometimes, quite a lot of time).

After considering the request, if the information provided is sufficient, the site will be added to the database. In all other cases, you may be asked clarifying questions about the site and the related situation.

Site domains are added to the database, that is, the entire site, and not its individual pages.

We do not notify about the results of consideration of requests. If after a while the site does not appear in the database and there were no letters from us with clarifying questions, then, most likely, the site was not added to the database.