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05/30/2023 10:54 pm

Website fraud check request form

Before submitting a website review request, make sure that it is not yet in our database. To do this, go to the home page and enter the site domain in the search form.

When submitting a website review request, provide as much information as possible about it. This can be avoided in cases where, having entered the site, it immediately becomes clear what it is about and what it is intended for.

For the check to be of high quality, the following information will be useful to us:

  • How, and under what circumstances, did you arrive at this site.
  • What exactly on the site aroused suspicion for you, and what actions need to be performed for this.
  • If you have already somehow interacted with the site, what are the consequences for you.

The checking process takes place in manual mode, therefore, you will need to wait a while (sometimes, quite a long time).

After completing the checking, you will receive an email with its results. If during the check we have any questions, you will be sent a corresponding letter.

If the results of the check show that the site is fraudulent, then it will accordingly be added to our database.