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05/30/2023 10:54 pm

Help the project

This project started with a small list of scam sites. Since its launch, it has gradually grown and developed, which has led to the fact that it has become a full-fledged website.

Maintaining a project in a working condition and filling it with up-to-date information requires a certain investment of time and money. Its further development implies even more such costs.

This project is non-commercial, which excludes advertising on its pages. In addition, it will slow down the loading of its pages, take up useful space and, most importantly, there may be cases of advertising of fraudulent resources, which is unacceptable for this project.

The only option that will help to simplify the maintenance of the project and give more opportunities for its development is financial support of caring visitors, whom he helped, and they believe that he deserves to develop further.

Below are the addresses of our wallets to which you can transfer financial assistance:

Tether – 0xf62ED75cA5e12b0b8A71F8aafe8177D6D91E6B76

Bitcoin – 1BSEq3PB1NmFiZQJBDT8SJP8UZrVCcs2d4

Ethereum – 0xf62ED75cA5e12b0b8A71F8aafe8177D6D91E6B76

If you do not have wallets in the systems listed above, then you can use the services of exchangers, specifying one of our wallets as the recipient's wallet. You can choose the exchanger with the best rate here.